As a  Designer I work with all types of finishes; including exterior and interior - colors, materials, finishes. etc....I can help you with everything you need to create a great space.  The goal is to guide you to have your new design reflect your own style and taste. This includes design help with:  tile, stone/masonry, cabinetry/carpentry, wood refinishing/ new flooring, carpeting, lighting, window coverings, trim work, door styles,  hardware, kitchen and bath design - layout and fixtures, 
                         furniture, fabrics, art, accessories, color...

Redesign is the art of using what you have to make a room look great.  Rearranging, removing or adding furniture, artwork, accessories or color, remaking your room in the most inexpensive and efficient way.
I can help when you need to select a piece of furniture, a new rug,  upholstery or new cabinet knobs. I'll shop with you or direct you to the places you need to find just what you are looking for. It doesn't take a large project to reap the benefits of hiring an interior designer. Sometimes all it takes is a consultation to send you in the right direction to gain your rooms greatest appeal!

Before and after bathroom remodels:

                                                            Before here-after above

                                            These two pictures are the before - after above

This is part of a basement rental apartment that went from an unfinished storeroom to a kitchen

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Slide show of  new deck, railing, landscaping and outside            furniture design in Pine, CO                                        
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